Beauty Is Beauty

Beauty Is Beauty What The Hell Right

It’s sad that even in Africa today, certain men will rather marry women who are fair skinned so they could’ve babies who look ‘oyiboish’. You agree that anything you post might be used, with your name and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license you have granted pursuant to our Terms of Service.

There’re simply certain biological beauty standards, among them large eyes, a small chin, a taller forehead, full lips, fine skin, thick hair, a small nose, and overarching neotonic features, that indicate the presence of estrogen and therefore fertility in females. Asians do not typically seek out lip augmentation as long as their lips tend to be naturally full. Different races are strong in different areas and lacking in different areas.The primary purpose of most of Asian cosmetic surgery is to look more attractive, not to look more Western, though the traits they seek out should be more prevalent among Caucasians, just as the primary purpose of hundreds of Western cosmetic surgery is to look more attractive, not to look more Asian, though the traits they seek out should be more prevalent among Asians.

Now, a 12year old requesting for such and being granted shows the degree of insecurity she has undoubtedly inherited from her mother.

Two of the most popular procedures are nose jobs and lip augmentation.

I mean a mother sending a 12year hold daughter to make an eye opening surgerey!! It has never occurred to me to have a face lift, I don’t have long eyelashes. Just think for a moment. That’s racism!!! Nonetheless, I love my Chinese features, THEY SHOULD TOO.

True beauty reflects our confidence in our ancestry.

Reality is in part constructed by consciousness.

Do you know an answer to a following question. Does this mean that Caucasians are attempting to look more Asian or African?

Since we’re made in the image and likeness of God, I consider that everyone is beautiful.

They do not exist in identical way as they do when we become conscious of them, things may exist apart from our awareness.

Thus are we, caucasians might be pretty.

They run to spas to tan their skins and make them darker and buy tanning creams just so they could darken their skin just slightly. These same people we strive to be and look like come to Africa any year for holidays to experience us and our uniqueness. Now on to lip augmentation.

I for one am very disappointed when I watched the CNN news report about the Korean girl who had her cute tiny eyes undergo surgery just to make them look really big like Westerners. I really hated it when they mentioned that for a lot of the Asian population now, beauty means ‘western’ features. I look more Chinese than any of my Chinese friends.

I am sure that the way in which we are conscious can either enrich or impoverish our reality. Usually, to have to have these dumbed down mottos and sayings to justify yourself like ‘black is beautiful’ or ‘thin is in’ just shows a massive insecurity and defensiveness that creates a very unpleasant attitude. Needless to say, it’s ridiculous to look for to be the ‘best’, whatever your colour or background.

One other question it all raises for me is along the lines of what beauty is for. You see, I am pondering a bit whether That’s a fact, it’s somewhat a false dichotomy to separate beauty from sexuality. Finding nature beautiful or art beautiful or music beautiful seems to have less to do with the thing itself having a quality of beauty but moreso the beauty it possesses is reflected beauty from the virtue of the one creating it.

You have to be comfortable in your personal skin, whatever that looks like.

I think those people need to read more about their grate history and natural beauty.